Calls made for urgent law changes to prevent car insurance market ‘cartel’

Urgent legislative changes have been called for to prevent cartel-type operations in the motor insurance industry. It comes as a major investigation by the European Commission into motor insurance here is focusing on allegations the industry has created obstacles for new players to enter the market. Following a series of raids last year, investigators are […]

Ireland’s largest Tesco to open creating 175 new jobs

Tesco Ireland will today open its biggest store in Ireland with the creation of 175 new jobs.Tesco Ireland will today open its biggest store in Ireland with the creation of 175 new jobs.Tesco Ireland will today open its biggest store in Ireland with the creation of 175 new jobs. The €30m environmentally-friendly store is located […]

Poor credit history? Late payers now facing extra charges on credit cards

Customers with poor credit histories will be charged more than people who have always paid their bills promptly, as “personalised pricing” is introduced in Ireland for the first time. Provider Avantcard is introducing the tiered interest rates, the first personalised pricing for any form of consumer borrowing in this country. It is likely to spur […]

Insurance now the biggest bill for GAA clubs

The cost of insurance has doubled for GAA clubs in the past five years. Tom Ryan, the director general of the Gaelic Athletic Association, told an Oireachtas committee that the cost of insurance premiums is a major challenge for the organisation. The sports body is one of a number of community groups that appeared before […]

Adrian Weckler on GDPR: A foolproof guide to what all those emails really mean

WE’VE all been getting the incessant emails. They say things like: “Let’s keep in touch!” And: “Important – if you want to keep receiving our emails …” For weeks, they’ve been filling up our inboxes because of what is happening today. Europe’s sweeping new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into […]

Eurozone data signals recovery has peaked

Eurozone economic growth slowed much more sharply than expected this month, a business survey showed. That fact, along with weaker inflation, has intensified concerns there will be no return to the bloc’s recent boom times. The European Central Bank under president Mario Draghi is expected to end its asset-purchase programme this year and hike interest […]

New data laws will be used as opportunity by cyber criminals: gardaí

Cyber criminals are planning to take advantage of new data laws with a fresh wave of scam phone calls and emails, gardaí have warned. Criminals are planning to take advantage of the new data privacy law coming into effect tomorrow to steal from people. The scammers will send fake emails pretending to be from legitimate […]

Ireland falls six places in world competitiveness rankings

Minister for Business Heather Humphreys has expressed her disappointment after Ireland fell six places in the latest IMD World Competitiveness Rankings. Ireland is now ranked 12 in the world for competitiveness, down from sixth position last year. “After several years of improvement, the decline in Ireland’s overall ranking in this year’s IMD publication is disappointing,” […]

Innovative startup trio join UCD hub

NovaUCD, the hub for new ventures and entrepreneurs at UCD, has welcomed three new startups. The three companies – EPIC Conjoint, This is Seaweed and Travacoin – have moved to the hub in order to collaborate and benefit from increased engagement with the university. All three companies are very different in terms of what they […]

US top target for UDG deals after Trump tax shake-up

Dublin-based UDG has $500m (€424m) available for acquisitions, and said US tax changes mean it is now more likely to buy assets there. US President Donald Trump’s tax package this year will boost UDG profits both this year and into the future, said UDG chief finance officer Alan Ralph. “It does make the US more […]