Pay increases of up to 12pc expected for entry level jobs

Massive pay hikes of 7pc to 12pc over two years are expected for entry level jobs in some specialist fields – including law and data security. Economist have tipped overall wage growth of around 2pc in the economy this year. Many had expected that pace to slacken next year after public sector increases had worked […]

Five personalised marketing experiences shoppers want

Facing into the busy festive shopping period brands will no doubt be trying to entice consumers to spend as much as possible. With this in mind, before are five things that global consultants McKinsey & Company say that consumers want from online personalised marketing. One – Relevant recommendations they would not have thought of themselves […]

Tax authorities warn online bargain hunters

BARGAIN-hunters who buy online have been warned they could end up with a tax bill that will wipe out any savings they thought they had secured. Most goods bought from outside the European Union (EU) will be liable to tax and duty if they are over a certain value, Revenue warned. Officials from the tax […]

Irish retailers fear online festive sales threat

Almost three-quarters of Irish retailers believe the biggest challenge facing them is the increasing dominance online sellers such as Amazon. But retailers here expect to generate just 25pc of their Christmas sales from online channels, according to a report from Barclays Bank Ireland. The new survey found that Irish retailers are more positive about general […]

Recent European defeats show it is time we faced home truths about our standing

Losing out to Paris in the bid to land the European Banking Authority (EBA) this week, wasn’t quite our Thierry Henry moment. After all, the French didn’t cheat. And in fact, there wasn’t even any extra time played, or penalties after the bids from Dublin and Paris secured the same number of votes. No, instead […]

How online sales can make it the season to be jolly

The holiday season is now as well known for its landmark online shopping days as it is for goodwill and cheer. From the now famous Black Friday through to the ‘Mondays’ – Cyber, Manic and Panic, to the huge Chinese Singles’ Day – consumers have more discount days than ever at their disposal and it […]

Cautious outlook for many Irish firms as pace of growth slackens off

Irish companies are reporting a slight slackening off in the pace of growth, and most say they aren’t seeing evidence of overheating in their own environment. Pay is on the rise across the economy, with increases of 2pc seen as the norm for 2018, but very few firms are seeing either no rise or increases […]

Don’t be lazy about your home insurance – here’s how to reduce the cost of your cover

Home insurance is one of those bills it’s almost certain you’re over-paying. Like all insurance, we buy it because we either have to (because the bank insists) or we’re afraid of future costs if we get burgled, flooded or there’s a fire. Most of us couldn’t possibly afford to re-build our houses if the worst […]

Job vacancies for professionals jump 9pc in ‘record month’

The number of professional job vacancies in Ireland rose by 9pc month-on-month in October, in what was a record month in terms of jobs announcements, a new study has found. However, the number of professional job vacancies dropped by 2pc in October compared to the same month in 2016, according to the Morgan McKinley Ireland […]

More difficult to buy a home now than in the 1980s

With rents above boom-time levels, and prices quickly playing catch-up, housing affordability has become a real issue over recent years. But is it more difficult for a young couple today to buy a home, compared with their parents’ generation? A useful paper from the Nevin Economic Research Institute (NERI) suggests it is. Using data on […]